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Sensual sex

  • What is Sensual Sex?
    Sensual sex is sexuality that can begin at any time and end at any time. It has no beginning and no end. It can have waves, waves, mountains and valleys. With Sensual Sex you let yourself go and have a lot of time. Space and time blur. Waves come and go. But deep security arises. Everything is fine as it is. No expectation, no beginning and no end. Feeling security This feeling extends into everyday life. The feeling of security, of being welcome, of “it is good as it is” creates trust, security and closeness. Even in times when you don't see each other. It's a feeling deep in the heart. Connection Sensual sex is like a connection between making love and meditation. It's about presence. About being in the moment. Meditation The loving union leads the couple into a meditative state of happiness that fills day and night. Which drags itself into everyday life... Trust in the moment Sensual Sex gives couples a completely new perspective on sex and its importance in the relationship. Dissatisfaction in love often has its origins in dissatisfaction with sexual relationships. Sensual sex doesn't need arousal at the beginning. It can always begin. The arousal curve is ramped up together. Love instead of making love Various pornographically oriented media and films unfortunately spread sexual messages that, for those seeking information, sometimes promote more imbalance instead of erotic, lively harmony. We want to “love” not “make love” and not “have” sex. Love should overwhelm you - it happens on its own... Sexuality The “friction of the sexes” to make males more potent and females more orgasmic is unfortunately too often the focus. Quality of heart and security are rarely or only mentioned at the very end. This puts men under pressure to be as strong, potent and confident as possible, which can quickly have the opposite effect and lead them out of their personal, sensitive center. In order to “conform to a man” often leads to pressure to perform and also situations that are unwanted for him (weak erection, fear of failure, ...) Women experience pressure, emptiness, pain, disappointment and frustration with everything that sometimes goes beyond the limits of friction or position, in a time that is often too short for them to be able to open up to their partner.
  • The soft penetration?
    The indescribable feeling when the lingam in the yoni really begins to grow. If it is inserted gently without arousal. This feeling completely relieves the man. It takes all the pressure out. And the woman can really take the man in and suck him in. Yoni and Lingam adapt. Sexuality happens – without movement. The genders communicate with each other. In the beginning, the woman may not feel that much - if she was used to a lot of friction. But the more often this sexuality is experienced, the more sensitive the Yoni becomes and she “learns” how to feel delicately again. The man feels more in his masculinity, the woman in her femininity. The woman can give, take and feel slowly. Here the boundaries can easily disappear and giving can become taking and taking can become giving. In this way, security and heart find their integration again in being there in love. This promotes the harmony of those connecting and is the basis for everything that may arise from it.
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Nehmt zu Beginn etwas Öl


Finger dürfen mithelfen – auch wenn es manchmal zu einem gewurschtel kommt …


Geduld, geduld – und dran bleiben…


es zahlt sich aus!

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